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From The Welsh Valleys To Novels Set In Tuscany ...

Hi, I'm Susie Sharp, and I write contemporary romance for fabulous women.

I love animals, shoes, and chocolate — in no particular order. I make a mean plate of pancakes. The Welsh way, mind. Yes, there is a difference.
And I'll tell you later why I'm handy with a camera ...
But above all else, like for most women, my family are my world.

From Wales To Tuscany ...

I'm a Welsh girl at heart — from the valleys of South Wales. Though, these days I bounce between Mumbles, London, Grand Cayman, and Tuscany. Splitting my time between my wonderful parents, my grown up children, and running our holiday rentals with my husband.

Tuscany inspired my writing. Tucked away in the secluded mountains with just a few quirky characters for company, suddenly my imagination was full of "what ifs."

And before I knew it, I was writing.

I'd love to share my journey with you, if you'd let me.

Chemistry, Cameras, And Being Mum ...

I didn't grow up to be a writer. I got here later than most though, perhaps, earlier than some. But don't we all reinvent ourselves along the way?

I've been everything from a biker chick — in full leathers on my Triumph 250 — to an analytical chemist. Can you imagine me in a lab coat and safety specs? White really wasn't my colour!

In my mid-twenties, I got more creative. I became a photographer with my own snazzy studio. I loved the beauty of weddings, although a woman in charge of the camera was a rare sight then. I had to put my bravest face on. Being a wife and mother too, I was busying myself around my scrummy children and juggling those family duties. My home was a sanctuary – for drifting friends to stray cats, and even the odd duck.

Being a wife and mother too, I was busying myself around my scrummy children and juggling those family duties. For most of my life, I had too much "stuff" in my head to write. I was a taxi mum, football kit washer, and fixer of all things (including broken hearts).

My home was a sanctuary — for drifting friends to stray cats, and even the odd duck.

And then something awful happened ...

I had a health scare. I discovered I had a hole in my heart. I won't shock you with the gory details of surgery and cardiac arrests, but it was a huge turning point for me. Because if it wasn't for the magic of medicine, I wouldn't have lived.

They managed to sew me back, of course. But my marriage became unstitched. It was time to reinvent myself once more.

Though it was an incredibly rough time, it made me realise how resilient us women can be. Life was giving me an opportunity. A kick up the bottom. My children had flown the nest and it was time to step out of the shadows. Time to make my life matter.

Tuscany called me. Those peaceful mountains offered a fresh start. So, after some to-ing, fro-ing and wondering if I really could — I packed my bags and left my old self behind.

Writing Novels Set In Tuscany

And that's how I ended up in Italy — for the summers, at least. I have a fabulous new hubby, and despite the struggles, we've adjusted to our blended family life. We come back to the UK every winter — surprisingly, it's warmer.

But my summers are for those Tuscan hills, the sunshine, and my writing. As soon as we moved here, the stories just began to flow. The lakes, the towns, the life. The people who stay in our holiday lets. They inspired me.

Although, much like my novels, I won't pretend Tuscany is all hearts, flowers, and happy endings. It can be rugged and sweaty, and don't get me started on the dodgy wifi!

Let's Stay Together ...

I would love to invite you to share my world of stray cats and sunshine, and share my words with you. (As daunting as that sometime feels!) And I hope, through my writing, I can share these lessons I've learnt:

  • This later phase of womanhood makes us stronger.

  • We all have a voice worth listening to.

  • Exciting new passions are out there if you dare to look ...

So, let me keep you updated with my adventures and novels set in Tuscany. Just click below.

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