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Love Contemporary Romance With A Sprinkle Of Maturity?

I can promise passion, humour, and an unashamed delve into real-life issues.

If you believe love never ages, and women only grow more fascinating — my writing is your perfect place.

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My Contemporary Romance Novels ...

I love to write about rediscovery and reinvention.

About women who are bravely carving out their niche and hoping not to be judged.

And I write to celebrate that later phase in womanhood, where our voices grow stronger. If only we had the courage to stand up and be heard.

So, I raise my glass to all the flawed and fabulous women over forty — my books are for you.

May your heart be kind, your mind fierce, and your spirit brave.

My Contemporary Romance Heroines

My romantic heroines always need to find themselves.

  • They're either leaving a marriage, are divorced, widowed, have children, or even grandchildren. (Let's say they've lived. Haven't we all!)

  • Their bodies may have seen more fabulous days, but they still have a sense of style. Although you're more likely to find them in jeans than a seductive dress. (And don't even try and coax them into a bikini!) Because life's just too short.

  • They are the epitome of a tested resilience. Somewhere within, they have the creativity and courage to embrace this new stage of their lives; they just have to find it.

  • Through my novels, they begin to focus on their inner selves, on who they were meant to be, and their new purpose in life.

  • And though these spirited romantic heroines strive for independence, they still hope to find someone to share their lives with.

    I believe we all deserve that.

My Contemporary Romance Heroes

My romantic heroes are also older — but still sexy, you'll be relieved to know!

How about a tease of High Jackman, Gerald Butler, Matthew McConaughey (did you see him in The Gentleman!!), Bradley Cooper ...

The list is endless — feel free to contribute suggestions!

Of course, they have their wounds too; but are often too stubborn to reveal them without a push.

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