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Writing Romantic Fiction For The Fabulously Flawsome 

Hi, I'm Susie Sharp, and I write contemporary fiction that celebrates real women.

Women who are flawed and yet still resilient and fabulous. Women who are moving into a later phase of life and are ready to rediscover themselves. And women with compelling stories, real-life issues and a desire to escape it all.
  • If you enjoy reading about women like these ...
  • If you embrace novels with passion and life-experience ...
  • If you believe that love never ages and that women only grow more interesting ...                                                              
Then you're in the right place.
So, join me in raising a glass to all the fabulous over forties — my books are for you.
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Time For Tuscany

I'm excited to reveal that my debut novel, Time For Tuscany, will be released for Summer 2021. 

This romantic fiction novel is set in Tuscany; a landscape I know and love. I have lived and breathed this life, and can now share it with you through my characters and their stories.

If you're fascinated by heroines who need to find themselves, and you love celebrating the tenacity of the female spirit, then my book is for you.

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Well, I do! And it's called Susie's Dream Team. Just click the button to join. 

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Susie Sharp's Secrets

Cwtch up and let me share a few secrets with you — because I'm a Welsh girl at heart. And like many women over forty ... I'm fabulously flawed, and proud of it!

I'm an introvert who prefers cosying up with a sofa supper and an action movie rather than putting on my "got it together" face and venturing out. (Shh — don't tell anyone!)  

I'm worried that my face (and body) are slipping southwards. I stress about that extra slice of pizza. I get moody when my jeans feel too tight. But no way am I going up a dress size. I'm not ready to give in. 

I bake, I travel, and I'm addicted to buying shoes. 

And I feel guilty. Like, all the time.

So, I write romantic women's fiction that lets women like us know that all of this is normal ... and it's OK to accept ourselves!                                 

If You Want To Know More About My Journey From The Valleys Of Wales To The Mountains Of Tuscany

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Susie Sharp's Blog

When I get a moment, I try and keep my followers updated with my blog.
(I know, I know. I should do it more!)
If you want to peek behind the scenes, my trips to Mumbles, my musings on serendipity and life in general, follow the link and ...